The Corrs Biography And Top 10 Songs

I was hooked on The Corrs from the first time I heard them on MTV. I like Irish folk music and The Corrs made it a bit funkier. I went to watch them play at the MEN Arena in Manchester and it was an excellent gig and it is one of my favourites of all the live gigs i've seen over the years and will go see them again if they tour and I can make it. Another one of the reasons I like The Corrs is Caroline Corr, because she is one of the few female drummers which excels at their job, and she is amazingly beautiful and I have always liked the drums and can play myself slightly.

The Corrs are a family band and consist of Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim Corr and formed in 1990. They originate from Dundalk, Ireland and have done many performances for charity, including Live 8, and The Princes Trust and have received honorary MBE's for their work. The Corrs started out their careers with parts in the movie The Commitments. They are currently on hiatus while Jim, Sharon and Caroline raise their families and Andrea pursues her solo career.

The Corrs debut album, Forgiven, Not Forgotten was released in 1995 to instant success due to the prior release of the hit single Runaway which was a huge hit, reaching #1 in Ireland, UK and Australia and was a massive success in the US. The Australian copy of the album contained a bonus disc which was later released as The Corrs Live. The album turned Gold in the US, Platinum in the UK and 9x Platinum in Australia.

Talk On Corners was a highly anticipated release in 1997 and didn't disappoint. The album was more successful than their debut and is their most successful to date, turning 9x Platinum in the UK, 4x Platinum in Australia and another Gold in the US. Some of the hit singles from the album are I Never Loved You Anyway, Only When I Sleep, So Young, the Fleetwood Mac cover of Dreams (which was not on the original release but was added to the re-release in 1998) and the cover of Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing which is my favourite song from the album (I'm a BIG Jimi Hendrix fan).

Next to be released in 2000 was the album In Blue, which again topped the charts in several countries like UK, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany. The release of this album also helped to gain them more popularity in the US than the previous albums with the single Breathless which was on the MTV Unplugged album. Many songs from the In Blue album have been used in TV programmes and movies, such as At Your Side which was used for the trailer to the movie The Holiday and One Night was used in the film Mad About Mambo.

The 2004 release of the album Borrowed Heaven displays a sound similar to their early Celtic Folk songs rather than the more Pop style of the In Blue album. A remixed version of the single Goodbye was made available by download only and was a huge hit on the download chart. Another of the bands I like (Ladysmith Black Mambazo) sang the backing vocals on the single Borrowed Heaven. The album went to #1 in Ireland and was in the top 10 in UK, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, France and Germany.

Their latest studio album is called Home and was released in 2005 and again was a great success and a return to their early style. The album has sold over 4 million copies worldwide and the album was written from the songbook of their late mother Jean Corr who died while waiting for a lung transplant in 1999. The album also celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the band and contains two songs which are sung in Irish.

My Top 10 The Corrs Songs are:

01. Never Loved You Anyway
02. Little Wing
03. Runaway
04. Dreams
05. So Young
06. Love to Love You
07. Irresistible
08. No More Cry
09. Give Me a Reason
10. Breathless