Bjork Biography and top 10 Songs

Bjork is another of those singers that I like but none of my friends do. I first started listening to Bjork when my sister P had the album Debut and I listened to it one day and was hooked. Most of my friends think she is a bit weird, but I kinda like that and I also think she has an amazing voice and is pretty cute. Some of her songs have "weird" lyrics which people find depressing, but because I'm a bit weird myself I can sort of relate, and some of my poem's are a bit on the weird side too.

Bjork was born in Reykjavik, Iceland on November 21st 1965. She started her musical career at the age of eleven when she studied classical piano in school. Her teacher sent in a copy of her singing to the radio station RUV which, at the time was the only radio station in Iceland. Soon after the performance, she was signed up to Falkinn Records and released the album Bjork in 1977.

In her early days Bjork worked with several Icelandic bands, the most successful being The Sugarcubes. They released the album Life's Too Good in 1988 and it was a huge hit in the UK and the US which was unheard of for an Icelandic Rock band. Bjork also had brief association with the Manchester band 808 State on their album Ex:el which was released in 1991. The Sugarcubes split up in 1992 and Bjork left Iceland to move to London where she started working on her solo career.

Debut was released in 1993 and was a huge success, partly due to the prior release of the single Human Behaviour. The album was named album of the year by NME and also went Platinum in the US. Even though Bjork had already released a solo album when she was eleven she decided to name the album Debut as it was a turning point in her career and a start of something new. Due to the albums sucess Bjork won the awards for Best International Female and Best International Newcomer at the BRITS in 1994.

In 1995 the release of her new album Post saw Bjork rise in popularity within the UK and the US where the album turned Platinum. The success was partly due to the release of the single It's Oh So Quiet and this officially made Bjork Iceland's largest musical export. The singles Hyperballad, Possibly Maybe and Army Of Me were also massive hits.

The album Homogenic was released in 1997 and saw a dramatic move from her previous style into a more emotional and personal style. The album has sold over 1.7 million copies worldwide and peaked at #4 on the UK album chart. In an interview Bjork said this about the album, "I wanted to make it an honest record. Me, here, myself, at home. I asked myself if there is such a thing as Icelandic techno, and how it could sound. Well, in Iceland, everything revolves around nature, 24 hours a day. Earthquakes, snowstorms, rain, ice, volcanic eruptions, geysers... Very elementary and uncontrollable. But at the other hand, Iceland is incredibly modern; everything is hi-tech. The number of people owning a computer is as high as nowhere else in the world. That contradiction is also on Homogenic. The electronic beats are the rhythm, the heartbeat. The violins create the old-fashioned atmosphere, the colouring. Homogenic is Iceland, my native country, my home."

Vespertine, released in 2001 saw another turn in her musical style and also caused some controversy when the video to the single Pagan Poetry was released which shows extreme piercings and Bjork's exposed nipples, as well as images of sexual acts, which included vaginal penetration and fellatio. The video for Cocoon also showed a seemingly naked Bjork with her nipples emitting a red thread that eventually enveloped her in a cocoon. Vespertine was also selected as one of the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, which is a book by Robert Dimery (released in 2006).

Medulla was her next release in 2004 and many of the songs contain vocals which are electronically distorted, a new twist in the Bjork style. The album also contains beatboxing (which I can do to some extent) and throat singing. Medulla peaked the UK chart at #9 and at #14 in the US. This album is also listed in the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die book and Bjork was nominated for two Grammy Awards (Female Pop Vocal Performance, and Alternative Music Album).

Bjork's latest album is Volta and was released in 2007 and debuted at #9 on the billboard 200 chart and is her first top 10 album in the US and reached #7 in the UK chart. Bjork is currently on a world tour and there are reports of some new releases in 2008. Bjork has also been in the movies, playing parts in The Juniper Tree, a tale of witchcraft based on the Brothers Grimm story. She also produced the musical score for the movie Dancer In The Dark and released the music as Selmasongs in 2000.

My Top 10 Bjork Songs are:

01. Venus As A Boy
02. Possibly Maybe
03. Pagan Poetry
04. Joga
05. Big Time Sensuality
06. Violently Happy
07. Enjoy
08. I Miss You
09. Bachelorette
10. Crying