Scooter Biography And Top 10 Songs

Everybody has some bands or artists that they listen to but all their friends, family, people they talk to hate. Scooter are one of those bands for me and I think I only have one friend who can tolerate them for more than a song or two and that's only because he likes the genre of music.

Scooter are a German Techno/Hardcore band and originate from Hamburg, they formed in 1993 and consisted of Hans-Peter Geerdes (H.P. Baxxter), Soren Buhler (Ferris Bueller) and Hendrik Stedler (Rick J. Jordan). There have been several changes since then and other members are Michael Simon, Axel Broszeit (Axel Coon) and Jurgen Frosch (Jay Frog).

Scooter originally started as a project and their debut single Vallee De Larmes which is French for Valley Of Tears reached #8 in the German Dance Chart. In 1994 they played at the Palladium in Hamburg and H.P. Baxxter started freestyle rapping to an instrumental track which went on to become the single Hyper Hyper and it was at that point that the project got serious and became a band.

The single Hyper Hyper was only expected to make small news but actually turned platinum and sold over 700,000 copies. The album ...And The Beat Goes On! which was released in 1995 had more singles which have had similar success like Endless Summer, Move Your Ass! and Friends.

They released Our Happy Hardcore in 1996 and contains the hit singles Rebel Yell (a cover of the Billy Idol song), Back In The UK and Let Me Be Your Valentine. Wicked was released in 1996 with two massive hits I'm Raving (which features samples of Walking In Memphis and Scotland The Brave) and Break It Up.

In the decade between 1997-2007 Scooter have had massive success in the club scene and released the following albums: Age Of Love (1997), No Time to Chill (1998), Back To The Heavyweight Jam (1999), Sheffield (2000), We Bring the Noise! (2001), The Stadium Techno Experience (2003), Mind The Gap (2004), Who's Got the Last Laugh Now? (2005), The Ultimate Aural Orgasm (2007) and also Jumping All Over the World (2007).

Scooter are currently touring the UK. Go and see them!

My Top 10 Scooter Songs are:

01. We Are The Greatest
02. Friends
03. Ramp! (The Logical Song)
04. Back In U.K.
05. Fuck The Millennium
06. Move Your Ass
07. I Was Made For Lovin' You
08. Rhapsody In E
09. How Much Is The Fish
10. Jigga Jigga