Placebo Biography And Top 10 Songs

I started listening to Placebo not long after I left school because I was working as a PC repair technician and traveled about the country a lot. When I was at the London office for a week once, while we upgraded computers at a university I went out with one of the guys and we went into a club and Placebo were playing live. Since then I have liked and followed their music.

Placebo are an alternative rock band formed in 1994 in London and consisted of Stefan Olsdal, Brian Molko and Robert Schultzberg. Steve Hewitt swapped places with Robert Schultzberg frequently until he replaced him permanently in 1996. They were originally named Ashtray Heart but soon changed their name to Placebo soon after and because a lot of the bands names at the time referenced drugs in some fashion, they settled on Placebo which is a drug with no effects. They also received some press because of the sexual orientation of the group, Olsdal is homosexual, Hewitt is heterosexual and Molko is bisexual.

The self titled debut album Placebo was released in 1997 and soon after Q magazine voted it 87th Greatest Album Of All Time. The album was a massive hit in the UK (#5 in the album chart) and also in France where it reached #50. The most successful single on the album was Nancy Boy and went to #4 in the UK.

Without You I'm Nothing was released in 1998 and was another huge success in the UK but was even more successful in France and the rest of Europe. The album reached #7 in both the UK and France. The single Pure Morning was originally recorded as a B-Side but they liked it so much it was put on the album and has appeared on many TV adverts since.

In 2000 Black Market Music was released and was dedicated to the memory of their publicist Scott Piering who unfortunately died of cancer and also the song from the album Commercial For Levi is in honor of sound technician Levi Tecofski who saved Brian's life when he stopped him from being in a traffic accident while he was crossing the road drunk.

Sleeping With Ghosts was released in 2003 and reached #1 in France and #11 in the UK and was also in the top 10 in Poland, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland and Germany and in the top 20 in Australia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and the US. The album is based around the emotions of carrying around ghosts of previous relationships and memories. While on a supporting tour for the album, Placebo dedicated the song Centrefolds to Johnny Cash who had died the same day.

The latest album, Meds was released in 2006 and was actually leaked onto the internet a couple of months before the actual release and still there is no idea how this happened. The album went to #1 in France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Mexico and Chile and #7 in the UK.

In 2007 Steve Hewitt left Placebo due to personal and musical reasons and there is news of a new album to be released in 2008/2009.

My Top 10 Placebo Songs are:

01. Without You I'm Nothing
02. English Summer Rain
03. Special Needs
04. Haemoglobin
05. One Of A Kind
06. Teenage Angst
07. Space Monkey
08. Nancy Boy
09. Special K
10. Pure Morning